Tuesday, September 22, 2009


15 months into it and each day I'm still trying to figure out how to be a great mom. I know a part of it is these little silly moments that no one would think is a big deal: like watering the garden, putting diapers on each others head, reading, trying to cuddle, exploring our neighbors yards and doing fish face all day long. I just hope I'm doing the best I can do, because my little man deserves the best. I can't explain how much I love him. Being a mother is indescribable.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A couple of day ago, I had an amazing thing happen. I was asked to meet with a buyer from a little boutique in our local mall, and show her my Lizzy Brookes collection. She loved the pieces I showed her and made a LARGE order on the spot. Then she told me her ideas of using my pieces as a store front window display, encouraging buyers to support local designers. ME- a a local designer in the mall! I never would have thought 5 months ago when I started my little etsy shop that I would soon be in stores at the mall. I feel so blessed to have been selected and it feels like my hard work is really paying off. So many mornings of setting up the ironing board in the kitchen so I have some workspace, packing up my supplies into the garage everyday.... and here I am: a real clothes designer? I feel MUCH more comfortable with the word- artist instead. But Chris said they are the same thing. Here are some of the pieces the boutique ordered.