Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beautiful Giving

Do I feel this way every christmas?

This frustration about christmas shopping- not my shopping.

OTHER peoples shopping, they wait to the last minute, get frustrated, or better yet use THE LINE on me.

THE LINE: "It's not really about the giving- it's just being together that matters"

Ok- of course it's the being together- but come on. Once a year you buy presents for your family and friends.

Christmas is the SAME day every year. Your family stays the same or similar from one year to the next- why not plan for it.

I mean budget in the summer and set some money aside.

Christmas DOES NOT have to break the bank.

And really a GREAT gift- doesn't mean you spend $25, $50 or even $100 on it.

I look for clearance things in the fall and set aside things that are beautiful. That's it- things that are beautiful-giving them to people who are special in your life.

Which reminds me: isn't Jesus our perfect GIFT.

Don't we exchange gifts in remembrance of him?

I guess maybe I need to just let it go... some people don't find gifts important, the planning important or the giving important.

I LOVE it all. I day dream about what would be perfect and beautiful for that person.

I have more fun making, looking and planning for others then any gift I get.

I think I have my dad to thank for that- he is the most generous person I know.

He gives and gives and gives.

I guess what I'm trying to say- is stop and reflect on the beauty of giving.