Friday, January 30, 2009


Sometimes I get so frustrated with my cluttered life. I started a sewing project today- (a shirt & dress for my 4-year old niece Nora) and as I was using my sewing I got into a little snag and looked for my machine and manual and couldn't find it anywhere. Now to most people this would not be a big deal, but today I was in the perfect mood for a project and everything was laid out, had been cut and was ready to sew. 
 It all started when I wrote down my goals for 2009; I wanted a year of change. A year that was simplified, de-cluttered and cleared out! So I cleared out our attic (still a ways to go) cleaned out all the kitchen cabinets, my closet, Brooklyn's closet, the garage. The great thing about clutter is you know where everything is... when everything's put away- it's a new spot and who knows where that new spot it? I don't. But all's well that ends well (is that the saying?) because a few hours later, as I was polishing the glass on my new car- I spotted all my sewing machine stuff! It was all thrown on my husband's work bench- a perfect spot for a craft box.

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  1. so what's the moral of the story? keep everything and know where it is... or simplify and not have it anymore? i think we have opposite problems... here is mine:

    i am currently cleaning out my t-shirt collection... i dont need THAT many t-shirts (and my drawer is beyond full by about 3 piles!)and yet I can't seem to get rid of some because of their sentimental value. and then I have the problem that everything of a "like" has to go together, and what happens when that spot is FULL (like my t-shirt drawer)? where do i keep the ones i don't/won't wear anymore, and yet can't give away? if they can't be with their "like" then i have no idea where their next spot should be... and it's not goodwill! ;) sometimes simplifying is a lot of work and the end result might not be best... hmp.