Saturday, May 16, 2009

That Weird Feeling to Create

I've been crafting, sewing, making things whatever you want to call it... and I get this weird feeling in my stomach until I finish the project! Weird like- nerves or butterflies? It's something I don't like but then again I also feel like I'm in an adrenal rush when I'm creating. I get tunnel vision and all I can think about is the next step, envisioning the finished product and then how I will photograph, title and price it. It's a whirl of activity in my mind and then when I finish. I finish.
I pack up my materials (by the way- I've been feeling real sad that I don't have a studio/work space to create in... I'm trying to get past that) like I said, I pack up my materials and throw away scraps- then that's it. I'm done. Until another wild idea comes that I have to follow!


  1. Thanks for the insight on your "creative process." I think your "nerves/butterflies" is part of the artist in you... you are indeed creating, crafting, and inspiring fashion and art at the same time. And you have a niche for it! I hope you can have a "creative space" soon for all of your projects! This seems to be a great, creative avenue for you! :) Keep crafting, friend!

  2. i feel the same way! when i decide on something to make i literally HAVE to finish it before i can do anything else, and if i can't, it's like the worst thing ever! Good to know someone is the same way :)